Reduce your call center escalations with Smart KB Search.


Use Ushur’s language bot to make your KB search smarter.

The Problem

Call center agents, claim and quote specialists, seeking answers to complex questions, have to wade through knowledge bases (KB) that are jammed full of info. and incredibly hard to search.  Typical KB tools lack understanding of both the material stored and the context for the query itself. Thus, an escalation is born as reps. are then forced to ask peers or supervisors, driving up hold and handle times.

The Solution

Using AI-powered language and smart bots, Ushur can scan and index all of the files, documents, spreadsheets and PDFs in the knowledge base and apply conversational AI to an ocean of information. So, when an agent asks a question of the KB, they get relevant and accurate answers - like Google quality searches for your internal KB.


Reduced Supervisor


reduction in
kb search time


improvement in

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