Automate your customer email inquiries with SmartMail.


Use Ushur’s language bot to triage your high-volume customer emails.

The Problem

Support centers of all types receive thousands of emails containing unstructured, free-form text, attachments and even images.  Timely review, acknowledgment and routing to subject matter experts within internal teams, is critical. However, reviewing and routing takes time and precious resources.

The Solution

Utilizing language bot, SmartMail scans and understands emails including attachments such as documents and images. Its intelligence classifies, routes and even responds to your customers based on your business rules, using Ushur's proprietary industry and company-specific corpus.


nps score improvement

15 HRS
to 1 MIN.

cut queue times down


reduced opex

Use Case Video

Automate Customer
Emails with AI

SmartMail automates inbound customer emails by reading, routing to the correct department, and populating backend systems.

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